I Am Having a Panic Attack

Yes, right now. I trained as a singer for a while, so normally I breathe through my belly, pulling the thick muscle of my diaphragm down »

My Week With Japanese Erotic Games Featuring Girls Who Kiss & Stuff

To start writing this piece, I googled "yuri" and "eroge", two words I was reluctant to put into the title of this post. My experience with »

Gamers as Givers

In late July, the first volley of what would later become GamerGate happened, and per usual, C and I had a drunk conversation about it. His »

November Projects

I'm still alive! Between IFComp and ebola taking over my work, I've been a busy bee this month, and as a result have taken very little »

Oct. 1: Missive Live in IFComp

It's October 1, which means you can officially play my text-based domestic-drama puzzle game, Missive. I am allowed to announce the existence of the competition and »